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Circuit Information

Please ask yourself these questions before joining the circuit at any airfield:

  • Where are you entering the ATZ from? Which VRP?
    • At Newtownards you can expect pilots to be familiar with Comber, Mount Stewart and Bangor/Groomsport.
  • What’s your altitude?
  • Have you requested joining information on the radio?
  • What’s the wind?
  • Which runway will you use?
  • Which direction does the circuit for your chosen runway use?
    • All circuits at Newtownards are left hand except runway 03 which is right hand.
  • What is the runway elevation?
  • Is there any other traffic joining or already in the circuit?
  • Is there any traffic about to depart?
  • How are you going to join the circuit and at what altitude?

PPL Exams

A new brush-up session is being introduced for PPL exams. For more information please review this document and click here to purchase a spot on the course.