Pricing Changes – November 2021

Due to the significant increase in costs of many commodities – including fuel, electricity and services, these have impacted our club’s costs particularly with aviation fuel, vehicle fuels, electricity and many others. Further, the maintenance costs of our fleet of aircraft have increased significantly over the last year. Finally, the club has lost considerable income over lockdowns in both 2020 and 2021 that each lasted for over 3 months, along with the increased costs from COVID control measures.  For these reasons, the committee has reluctantly accepted that they have no other alternative but to increase the charges to our customers. We will therefore be increasing our charges for flying lessons, private hire of aircraft, gift vouchers, memberships and all other services by 10%. These new charges will be applied from 1st November 2021.

It should be noted that our charges have not been increased since 2018, as we have tried to avoid these increases for as long as we could. However, the cost increases we are faced with make these increases unavoidable. We trust you will all understand the necessity of this measure.