Pilots Area

Airfield Charts

Official charts and aerodrome information can be found in the UK AIP.

Belfast International EGAA

Enniskillen/St Angelo EGAB

Belfast City EGAC

Newtownards EGAD

Eglinton EGAE

Aircraft Checklists

C152 Checklist

C172 Checklist including Nav II and Nav III (G1000)

Weight & Balance Sheets

C152 Loadsheet

C172 Loadsheet

Navigation & Planning

Flight Planning workflow

Pilots Navigation Log

ICAO Flight Plan Form

General Information

Useful Resources

General Aviation Report

Flight Plans

Circuit Information

Please ask yourself these questions before joining the circuit at any airfield:

  • Where are you entering the ATZ from? Which VRP?
    • At Newtownards you can expect pilots to be familiar with Comber, Mount Stewart and Bangor/Groomsport.
  • What’s your altitude?
  • Have you requested joining information on the radio?
  • What’s the wind?
  • Which runway will you use?
  • Which direction does the circuit for your chosen runway use?
    • All circuits at Newtownards are left hand except runway 03 which is right hand.
  • What is the runway elevation?
  • Is there any other traffic joining or already in the circuit?
  • Is there any traffic about to depart?
  • How are you going to join the circuit and at what altitude?

PPL Exams

A new brush-up session is being introduced for PPL exams. For more information please review this document and click here to purchase a spot on the course.