UFC Pilots Information

Airfield Charts

Official charts and aerodrome information can be found in the UK AIP.

Belfast International EGAA
Enniskillen/St Angelo EGAB
Belfast City EGAC
Newtownards EGAD
Eglinton EGAE

UFC Aircraft Checklists

C152 (G-UFCN, G-UFCP) Checklist
C172 (G-UFCE, G-UFCG, G-UFCI) Checklist including Nav II and Nav III (G1000)

Weight & Balance

C152 Loadsheet
C172 Loadsheet

Navigation & Planning

ICAO Flight Plan Form

General Information

UFC Standard Operating Procedures
Useful Resources
General Aviation Report
Flight Plans
EASA and CAA licensing for G-reg aircraft

Fly Outs

The Ulster Flying Club run occasional fly outs to a variety of airports in the UK and Ireland available to students, qualified pilots and private owners.

To view upcoming trips, click here