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Airfield Charts

Official charts and aerodrome information can be found in the UK AIP. All pilots operating at Newtownards must familiarise themselves with the aerodrome’s AIP entry.

Charts for Northern Ireland airports are reproduced here for information only and must only be used with reference to the aerodrome’s AIP entry.

Belfast International EGAA
Enniskillen/St Angelo EGAB
Belfast City EGAC
Newtownards EGAD
Eglinton EGAE

UFC Aircraft Reference Checklists

C152 (G-UFCN, G-UFCP) Checklist
C172 (G-UFCE, G-UFCG, G-UFCI) Checklist including Nav II and Nav III (G1000)

UFC Aircraft Reference Weight & Balance Sheets

Mass and Balance Sheet

Navigation & Planning

ICAO Flight Plan Form

General Information

UFC Standard Operating Procedures
Useful Resources
General Aviation Report
Flight Plans
EASA and CAA licensing for G-reg aircraft
Online Club Resources

Fly Outs

The Ulster Flying Club run occasional fly outs to a variety of airports in the UK and Ireland available to students, qualified pilots and private owners.

To view upcoming trips, click here