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Airfield Charts

Official charts and aerodrome information can be found in the UK AIP.

Belfast International EGAA

Enniskillen/St Angelo EGAB

Belfast City EGAC

Newtownards EGAD

Eglinton EGAE

Aircraft Checklists

C152 Checklist

C172 Checklist including Nav II and Nav III (G1000)

Weight & Balance Sheets

C152 Loadsheet

C172 Loadsheet

Navigation & Planning

Flight Planning workflow

Pilots Navigation Log

ICAO Flight Plan Form

General Information

Ulster Flying Club Standard Operating Procedures

Useful Resources

General Aviation Reports (GARs)

A UK GAR must be completed before a flight from Northern Ireland to anywhere else in the United Kingdom or from anywhere into Northern Ireland. UK GARs can be completed online at https://www.submit-general-aviation-report.service.gov.uk/welcome/index.

For flights to the Republic of Ireland an Irish GAR form must be completed and sent to Irish Tax and Customs. Details are available on the Flying In Ireland website (look for “Irish customs form”).