PPL (Private Pilots License)

Course Goal

The aim of the PPL course is to teach the student to fly safely and efficiently under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).
The privileges of the holder of a PPL is to act as Pilot In Command (PIC) or Co-Pilot of any plane engaged in non revenue flights.

Course Syllabus

The PPL course is a minimum of 45 hours flight training comprising:

  • 35 hours with an instructor (dual)
  • 10 hours supervised solo flight time (PIC)
  • Pre flight and post flight briefings
  • A series of 9 exams; the Air Law exam must be completed before your first solo flight

All training will be conducted in one of our 3 Cessna 172s or our 2 Cessna 152s (aircraft of your choice).

When the training is completed the student will undergo a flight test with a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) accredited examiner.


  1. An applicant for the PPL must be at least 16 years old to copmplete your first solo flight and 17 years old to hold a Private Pilots Licence (PPL).
  2. The applicant must also hold a Class 2 Medical before your first solo flight.

Ready to Start?

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