The Course

The MEIR course teaches the student to fly the aircraft with sole reference to instruments (IFR) or in other words with no visual external references (VFR). It is a qualification which entitles the student to fly in the same manner as airline pilots.

Course Syllabus

The course consists of 55 hours of flight training and a minimum of 25 hours of comprehensive theoretical tuition. An applicant who is already the holder of a Commercial Pilots Licence will have this training reduced by 10 hours FNPT II making it a 45 hour course.

The training for the 45 hour course is conducted in a FNPT II and a Piper Seneca PA 34 as follows:

  • 30 hours on FNPT 11
  • 15 hours on PA 34

When the training is completed a flight test is then conducted on a complex multi engine aircraft (Piper Seneca, PA 34).


An applicant who wishes to commence training for the Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) shall hold the following:

  • PPL or CPL licence
  • Class 1 Medical (CPL holder); Class 2 Medical (PPL holder)
  • A pass in the appropriate ATPL, CPL or IR theoretical examinations
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