Commercial Pilots License (CPL)

Course Goal

The Commercial Pilots Licence will allow a person to have a flying career in aviation. It will enable them to act as a pilot in multi engine and multi pilot aircraft for airline commercial transport. The course comprises 25 hours flight training and a minimum of 20 hours theoretical tuition.

Course Syllabus

>The flight training is conducted on a single engine Cessna 172, a Piper Twin PA34 and an FNPT 11 simulator and is divided into two modules of which one corresponds to the visual (VFR) CPL training and the other to the instrument (IFR) CPL training.
The 25 hours are flown as follows:

  • 5 hours on FNPT 11T
  • 12 hours on C172
  • 8 hours on PA 34

When the training is completed, a flight test is then conducted on a complex, multi engine aircraft (Piper Seneca, PA 34).


An applicant who wishes to commence training for the Commercial Pilots licence (CPL) at the Academy shall be 18 years old and hold the following:

  1. PPL licence
  2. Class 1 Medical Certificate
  3. A pass in all ATPL or CPL theoretical exams
  4. 170 hours flying experience of which 100 hours are pilot in command (PIC)
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