EASA and CAA licensing for G-reg aircraft

In response to a number of enquiries surrounding the current pilot licensing requirements in the UK, we hope to provide some clarification in short terms as well as further reading advice for those who find themselves in more complex scenarios; Instructors will continue to offer assistance and advice as well, so please feel free to get in contact.

This overview is focused on the operation of G-registered aircraft, i. e. “Can I fly UFC aircraft?” and Pilots are reminded
that it is ultimately their responsibility to ensure that they are duly licensed. As that assessment can be difficult at the
moment, this also serves as a reference for Club signatories when authorising flights.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the provided information, pilots are reminded that it is always their own responsibility to ensure that they have the appropriate licence, ratings, currency and medical certification for the aircraft type and registration to be flown.

Please see the PDF for more information.