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CAA Exams moving to online only

From the 5th October, the CAA will no longer permit paper exams and will be using E-Exams. Each student must register with the CAA for an online account using the following link: Please allow 5 days for you account to be created. Anyone who wishes to complete paper exams must do so by the 4th[…]

Open Day From Above

Reopening the Clubhouse

Update 13th September 2020 Administration staff are back working full time, payments will once again be collected by them after each flight. Original notice from 16th August 2020 Over the past few months we’ve been running with reduced staff in the clubhouse due to social distancing requirements and the relative quietness of the flying schedule.[…]


UPDATED 21/07/2020 COVID-19 Update

Update 21/07/2020 We have been able to resume flying lessons and trial flights! See the latest news item for full details. Update 31/03/2020 The Ulster Flying Club has been able to allow solo PPL flights following discussions with relevant parties. All eligible members of the club have been contacted by email and must undergo a[…]

UPDATED 20:50 2020/04/07 Pilot Medical Extension

Ulster Flying Club note: This information is provided as-is upon information from the CAA and Light Aircraft Association. The Club cannot provide any legal advice as to whether the topics discussed apply to an individual’s circumstances. Update 20:50 2020/04/07 The CAA has publicised another document detailing the exemption for other categories of licence holders. This[…]