Pilots Area


Airfield Charts

Belfast International EGAA

Enniskillen/St Angelo EGAB

Belfast City EGAC

Newtownards EGAD

Eglinton EGAE

Aircraft Checklists

Cessna 152 – checklist

Cessna 172sp – checklist

Weight & Balance Sheets

Cessna Loadsheet – c152

Cessna Loadsheet – c172

Navigation & Planning

Pilots Navigation Log

GAR-REVISED-2015 – See below for details on how to submit a GAR

ICAO Flight Plan

Completed GAR forms should be sent to:

Please note: for GAR forms you must send 3 copies in total. one to your departure aerodromes police department, one to your destination aerodromes police department and one to the National Customs Unit.


Small Ports Unit
C/O Headquarters,
65 Knock Road,
Email: GAR@psni.pnn.police.uk
Fax: 028 9090 1242


National Customs Unit

Email: ncu@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk
Fax: 087 0240 3738